About Steam it Clean

We offer all of our Dry Vapor Steam Cleaners from our manufacturers in Italy to our main distribution center in Virginia and steam cleaner distributors in the USA. Through confidence and strong relationships built over time, we now offer the finest and only line of the highest quality dry steam cleaners on the market in the US today.

Our 19,0000 + square foot Full Product Service Center in Virginia serves not only our customers, but many other steam cleaners sold by the competitors! We are proud to offer the only product line that offers the versatility and exclusive designs available only from the Steam it Clean line of steam cleaners. We are enthusiasts and experts in the field and thrilled to be part of it!

We are a strong company with a great reputation in an exciting growing industry. Since 1997 we have been perfecting our products, skills and knowledge in the industry.

Our Steam it Clean line of steam cleaners is a winning combination of design, components, reliability, but most of all honesty and integrity in the way we present our products and conduct our business.

For the steam cleaners, we also offer many items found only by Steam it Clean for your product from pads to chemical free mineral based spot cleaners.

We will provide information about ourselves and our products while helping you to decipher the overwhelming information available on the Internet and understand what is important...and what is not.

More information can be found at www.myvaporclean.com

Fine Steam Cleaners since 1997! Our line of steam vapor clean machines are a careful selection of the best of the best designs from Italy, imported direct for your purchase. Learn why our steam cleaners are the best choice for you, and how we maintain our standing as the Largest Importer and Retailer of Italian Steam Cleaners in the USA!

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“I love my Pro5! The quality is exceptional. You would think a steamer at this price would be inferior to the more expensive ones. No sir. I am very impressed with how solid it is built. I have been using it to do auto detailing and it has been a workhorse. I was worried initially that it would run out of steam before I finished my work, but it just keeps on going! I’m so glad I found you guys before I paid $800 for one of these.”

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Why Vapor:

  • Chemical Free
  • Economical
  • Efficient
  • Results
  • Conservation
  • Reduce and eliminate allergens

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