Automotive Detailing With Steam

Auto Detailing made easier with the use of Vapor Clean Dry Steam Cleaners.

We also are heavily involved in product and equipment development and testing to ultimately make life easier for detailers and at the same time improve the appearance of the automobiles they work on. Over the years we have spoken and presented at industry events, and have written dozens of technically oriented articles on detailing procedures for major publications. We also work with auto manufacturers, paint companies, chemical and equipment manufacturers to further aid the detailing industry. Our skill, knowledge, and expertise allow us to use and test various pieces of equipment to determine if their usage in detailing will ultimately save time, make the vehicles look better, and make a detailer more money.

We always want to stay up to date and have a “new school” philosophy of thinking regarding detailing practices. The use of dry vapor steamers to aid in cleaning the interior portion of a vehicle is something a detailer should seriously consider adding to his arsenal of equipment.

Years ago, even before heated carpet extractors, details had the old “bucket and brush” method of cleaning interiors. Not only is this “old school”, this is simply the wrong way to clean. Most detailers now have heated carpet extractors which are light years ahead of the “bucket and brush” method, but let’s look at what a dry steam cleaner can do for detailing.

Many Advantages

The advantages are numerous. For those who still look at steam cleaners and think of the cheap “toy like” devices seen on TV, you are in for quite a surprise. A commercial steam cleaning machine will aid and work wonders in the interior cleaning process. The power, effectiveness, and time savings alone should convince you to buy one. If you are still skeptical, read on…

I too was not a steam fan until recently. I associated steamers with the “TV units” and found them to be cheap, ineffective, and a waste of time for car use. However, a proper steam cleaner, not only will perform BETTER than a carpet extractor, but has many more uses.

  • A steam cleaner will get into areas a carpet extractor only wishes to. A steam cleaner can clean between seats, consoles, dashes, cup holders, vents, door pockets, door jambs, and more.
  • A steamer WILL NOT leave an interior soaking wet the way some carpet extractors will. A major reason for mold and mildew and odors within an interior of a vehicle is because of over-wetting with an extractor. Steam dries within seconds.
  • A steam cleaner will clean hard surfaces that an extractor cannot
  • A steam cleaner will clean leather seats better than using harsh chemicals and a brush. It will leave leather soft and supple and still require less time and effort.
  • Of course with a steam cleaner all you are using super heated water. No chemicals are needed which keeps the interior drier, saves money on those chemicals, and still leaves the inside smelling fresh, not harsh, and there will be no fear of a customer being sensitive to the chemicals, because you will not be using any!
  • The Desiderio steam cleaner, with its vacuum unit and injection or extraction system built right in will allow you to steam and/or extract carpets and upholstery and immediately vacuum the dirt right out. You can even use it as a regular vacuum.
  • A steam cleaner can even be used to clean windows to perfection.
  • All the Vapor Clean steamers are built to last and out perform the competition. They are commercial grade to handle any detailing use, and built to last.

Preferred Steam it Clean Steam steam, carpet and vaopr cleaners used for Auto Detailing include - Pro5, Pro6 duo, Pro6 solo and Unilux for their durability and tools for basic detailing. Our Desiderio and Desiderio Plus for their injection and extraction features for those wanting the full functionality.


There simply are none. They are the cutting edge of interior cleaning. As outlined in many areas of this website are the advantages and immense cleaning abilities of steam. Get out of the “stone age” Don’t be “old school” be on the cutting edge of detailing and start cleaning with steam!

Cleaning Interior Doors – Leather, Vinyl and Upholstery clean exceptionally well with steam. Oils and greasy buildups commonly found in autos melt away under this method of cleaning. Cleaning leather seats is a simple process. Carpet is easily cleaned and freshened with steam Consoles, air conditioning vents, virtually all interior surfaces begin the detailing process. Remove car seat marks easily for better resale value. Glass is sparkling clean – detailers have used only water on windows for years for best results – steam works that much better!

Fine Steam Cleaners since 1997! Our line of steam vapor clean machines are a careful selection of the best of the best designs from Italy, imported direct for your purchase. Learn why our steam cleaners are the best choice for you, and how we maintain our standing as the Largest Importer and Retailer of Italian Steam Cleaners in the USA!

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“I love my Pro5! The quality is exceptional. You would think a steamer at this price would be inferior to the more expensive ones. No sir. I am very impressed with how solid it is built. I have been using it to do auto detailing and it has been a workhorse. I was worried initially that it would run out of steam before I finished my work, but it just keeps on going! I’m so glad I found you guys before I paid $800 for one of these.”

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Why Vapor:

  • Chemical Free
  • Economical
  • Efficient
  • Results
  • Conservation
  • Reduce and eliminate allergens

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